From Vegas To Macau 2 (2015) BLURAY 720P 1080P

vegas to macau 2

From Vegas To Macau 2 (2015) BLURAY 720P 1080P

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Genre : Action, Comedy

Director : Jing Wong

Cast : Nick Cheung, Yun-Fat Chow, Daniel Garcia and more

Synopsis :  Nostalgia can only excuse so much. From Vegas to Macau II is a quick follow-up to last year’s nostalgia-infused From Vegas to Macau, a star-jammed gambling film from Wong Jing that capitalized on Chow Yun-Fat’s return to Cantonese films. Undeniably, that event is big enough to excuse one big-budget Lunar New Year film of questionable quality. But two? Wong Jing, you try our patience. From Vegas II features the return of Magic Hand Ken (Chow), the casino manager and expert gambler who helped take down evil organization D.O.A., referred to in the previous film as “the most professional money laundering organization in the world.” Despite being beaten by Ken and Co., D.O.A. is still active, and is now led by shadowy villainess Aoi (Jin Qiaoqiao). The organization is gunning for Mark Ko (Nick Cheung), a former employee who embezzled a ton of cash and is on the run with his daughter (mainland child star Angela Wang).

Subtitle : ENGLISH

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